About Me

Ylenia Mangano was born in 1983 in Sicily, a land of vivid colours. Ever since she was a child, Ylenia enjoyed playing with fabrics and colours, exploring all the different combinations and discovering she had an innate sense of aesthetics. From there, she turned her passion into her work and in 2011 Ylenia opened her Maison specialising in womenswear.

At the age of 24, Ylenia moved to London where she completed her fashion design course at the London College of Fashion, before returning to Italy and setting up her business in Milan.Ylenia is passionate about every aspect of fashion design and continues to push herself by attending a number of proffesional courses, ranging from embriodery courses to studying fashion forms and volumes, in the workshops of the Roberto Capucci Foundation in Florence.

The goal of Maison Ylenia Mangano is to create clothes that enhance the natural beauty and feminity present in every woman. Ylenia achieves this by designing garments that feature soft lines, that envelop the female body and enhance the feminine silhouette.

There is attention to detail in every phase of the creative process, from the choice of luxury fabrics such as silk, organza and silk duchesse; to the creation of the embroidery that reflects a classic elegance with a modern eye. Even the choice of colours is expertly calculated; strong colours that are both bright and decisive are paired in contrast with pastel colours, that are soft and delicate; to both reflect and emphasise the character of the Ylenia Mangano customer.